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iQ Easycomfort

  • For adults and children from the age of 10 years
  • Optimal cleaning
  • Ergonomic design, 2 component handle and extreme compact brushhead
  • Nylon filaments

iQ Easycomfort ultra soft, extra soft, soft and medium 

For adults and children from the age of 10.
Extreme compact brushhead, with minimized of unnecessary plastic material to the outer side of the nylon filaments. Two component handle with thumb grip to ensure an optimal and firm position during brushing.
High quality filaments with exceptional bend recovery, short and polished which prevents damage and harding of delicate soft skin tissue. 
Available in 4 textures, white and colored filaments in accordance with the color of the brush, ultra soft (only white filaments) recommended after periodontal surgery 

Article numbers:
40155745 iQ Easycomfort ultra soft
40155746 iQ Easycomfort extra soft
40155747 iQ Easycomfort soft
40155748 iQ Easycomfort medium


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