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ClearBreath 12

  • For adults and children from the age of 12
  • Neutralizes effectively bad breath
  • Neutralizes bad bacteria   
  • Clinically tested 12 hours effective
  • Available in a spray version, effective for 4 hours

Clear Breath 12

Mouthwash against bad breath (halitosis) with 12 hours of protection. Contains natriumfluoride 0,05% and has a pH value of approx. 6,1.Lactona Clear Breath has a unique formula, which inhibits the formation of dental plaque (caries prevention), with 3 anti-inflammatory agents: Aloe Vera, Lactoferrin and Chlorhexidinedigluconat (0,025%).

Clear Breath neutralizes effectively against bad breath as it neutralizes the bad bacteria. Lactona Clear Breath was clinically tested by The Montfort University of Leicester by Prof.Martin Grootveld. For adults and children from the age of 12.

Also available in a spray (25ml) effective for 4 hours.


Article numbers:
40146565 Lactona Clear Breath  300 ml.NL
40146566 Lactona Clear Breath  300 ml.Export
40146570 Lactona Clear Breath  Spray 25 ml.NL
40146571 Lactona Clear Breath Spray 25 ml.Export


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