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EasyDent A, B and C - Conical

  • Combines different sizes of cleaners

  • Conical Interdental Cleaners in 3 sizes

  • Optimal cleaning

  • Plastic coated wire

  • Antibacterial (AB)

EasyDent A, B and C – Conical

The EasyDent combi-cleaners are due to its shape (conical)  especially suitable for users of different sizes of cleaners. The brush head has a solid implant of soft, but firm, polished nylon filaments. The plastic coating of the wire protects against galvanic shock to sensitive teeth and gums. Ideal for cleaning spaces between the teeth from the smallest to the largest spaces,  between crowns and bridgework, fixed orthodontic appliances and implants.


Sizes and colours of the wire:

EasyDent Type A – 2,5 /   5,0 mm: Colour of the wire is yellow
EasyDent Type B – 3,1 /   8,0 mm: Colour of the wire is red
EasyDent Type C – 6,0 / 11,0 mm: Colour of the wire is black

We offer the following packages:

Per dozen: 12 small cello (zip-lock) bags of 5 pieces each

Article numbers:
40388504 Type A
40388514 Type B
40388534 Type C


Per box (plexiglas dispenser): 100 pieces incl. 100 small cello(zip-lock) bags and 10 holders

Article numbers:
40388506 Type A
40388516 Type B
40388536 Type C


Refill package: cello (zip-lock) bags of 200 pieces

Article numbers:
40388505 Type A
40388515 Type B
40388535 Type C


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