Lactona Dental Care Clinic


Lactona, the only toothbrush manufacturer in the Netherlands.


Lactona as a brand name was first used for a toothpaste developed by a dentist in the USA in 1931.
In 1954 Lactona started with the production of the M39 toothbrush . This toothbrush with a rubber tip was the first multi tufted toothbrush and gave Lactona its brand identification.
10 years after its introduction on the Dutch market in 1972 the production for the European market was transferred to Bergen op Zoom. Up until 1996 the company was fully owned by Americans but transferred into Dutch ownership later that year. Lactona products are distributed worldwide, our reliable export dealers represent the company abroad. Lactona Europe is responsible for Europe, South Africa and the Middle East.
Dental care changed, with an increasing demand for interdental products and a goal to offer our customers a complete assortment of high quality oral care products , Lactona expanded its product range with interdental cleaners. In 1992 Lactona Bergen op Zoom initially started the production of interdental cleaners in 4 sizes, up to now this assortment has increased to 14 different sizes . Varieties in shape, straight and conical, with or without firm holder and sizes from ultra-small 1,9 mm till xx-large 12,0 mm we are practically able to meet all requirements. We are proud of the fact that with this product Lactona is market leader in the Netherlands.
In order to meet the needs from our clients it stands into reason that Lactona is continually aiming to improve and renew its products. In order to develop products which meets the essential high standard quality, Lactona works in close cooperation with dental universities and schools for dental hygienists. Our products meet the ISO 9001:2015 standards.
Lactona is also manufacturer of private label products.
In the next few pages you will find a specified overview of all available oral care products.
Our vision and mission over the years was solid and no nonsense, that’s why Lactona stands for high quality, functionality and reliability. Our professional and enthusiastic team will be glad to be of service.



Crocodile animation film (Dutch) to learn children how to brush their teeth.